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模型代表应用软件的数据。  The view that is the visual representation of that data.Be implemented entirely in Java to promote cross-platform consistency and easier maintenance.完全使用java 来实现以保证跨平台性和易维护性。 2.

直到这篇swing 组件设计白皮书文章的发表之后才让事情真相大白。本文对swing 的改良的MVC 架构做了一个很全面 的技术概述,同时也对很多关于swing 组件架构的其它方面的技术也做了概述。 This document presents a technical overview of the Swing component architecture.In particular, it covers thefollowing areas in detail: 这篇文档对swing 组件的架构做一个技术概论。详细来说,它具体包括以下几个领域:  Design goals  Roots in MVC  Separable model architecture  Pluggable look-and-feel architecture  设计目标  MVC 的来源  可分离模型架构  可拔插感官架构 Design Goals设计目标 The overall goal for the Swing project was: Swing 项目的所有目标如下: To build a set of extensible GUI components to enable developers to more rapidly develop powerful Java front endsfor commercial applications.



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