Junior dating a freshman college


The Dutch tradition in the north of the country has heavily influenced the French practices, mainly because the largest French university (UCL) was relocalised from the Dutch city of Leuven only in 1968.In the Gulf Council countries (GCC), a freshman is called Mustajid (مُستجد), which means one who is new to something.Informally a freshman is called a Sanfoor (سنفور), which is the Arabic word for the Smurf.The term 'freshman' is not commonly used in Australia or New Zealand.The term first year is used within Australia and New Zealand universities primarily to describe students in their first year of tertiary education direct from secondary school, the exception being the University of Otago where the term 'fresher' is employed.


In Australia, Year 7 (eight in South Australia) is the first year of high school education; in New Zealand, Year Nine is the first year of Secondary Education—in contrast to North America, where the ninth grade or "freshman year" is the first year.

In New Zealand, year nine students are sometimes referred to as "Turds" as a derogatory reference to the old form system, as year nine was previously known as third form.



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