Justin dating jasmine villegas

Before announcing her pregnancy, Villegas was on tour with Fifth Harmony. If she has the looks of her mother, and the swag like her father, Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West better move over because there's more cuteness is about to come!

The mom-to-be said that there will probably be some challenges while performing.

Villegas claimed that she was happy and excited to step into motherhood.

July 2010 - November 2010Justin Bieber was reportedly spotted locking lips with Jasmine Villegas,16, in the back of a Honda car in Venice, California, by a Canadian tourist in September 2010.

, Villegas revealed that she was pregnant with a baby girl earlier this week.

Jasmine Villegas — who used to date Justin Bieber back in 2010 — flaunted her baby bump in a new Instagram pic. RELATED: Kourtney Kardashian Finally Addressed Her Relationship With Justin Bieber — Find Out What She Said! Jasmine revealed how she felt after finding out she was expecting, and said, "Well, it came as a total shock.

#pregnancyproblems [sic],” the 22-year-old singer captioned the snap.


Besides carrying a baby bump, Villegas seems to be still focusing on her music. I'll still be recording songs though, and I'm thrilled to be sharing my journey through social media," she explained.

MStars News previously learned that the singer was apparently producing a new music video. s can't wait to see what baby Villegas, Banks is going to look like.



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