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Besides it’s never good for a handsome man to tell people that he has a girlfriend.” And we’re not just 100 PERCENT sure that they’re dating, we have PROOF.

Well, Rumor Fix also did our own research and found a number of pictures of the two together looking “boo’d” up, but K. If there ever was a romance between these two, it appears things may have ended because the reality star is currently in New York, some 3,000 plus miles from London were her alleged boo is competing. The website then posted a picture of the two “boo’d up,” which they say is empirical evidence that the two are definitely a couple. PREVIOUS: Meet The USA’s Hottest Olympic Men And as far as K. she’s currently dating one of the most popular Olympians, Ryan Luchte, but he’s not claiming her. Not to mention, Ryan’s mom has said in the press recently that her son is too busy to date.

The reality TV star recently tweeted her support for 27-year-old Lochte, who is currently in London competing in the 2012 Olympic games, in which she revealed what critics suspect is her pet name for the swimmer. "And let the whip a-- begin @ryanlochte wins his first gold medal . Michelle recently lashed out at "desperate" bloggers in a Twitter rant which has led some fans to assume that their relationship is platonic."OK ITS GOING DOWN THE 2012 OLYMPICS JUST STARTED AND MY POOH @ryanlochte IS ABOUT TO KICK A--. Ileana Lochte, Lochte's mother, recently insisted that her son is single following a string of reports that also linked him to Australian swimmer Blair Evans. He's so warmhearted that I don't think he'd want to have a relationship with somebody, don't think he wants to get into a relationship," Ileana told Us Magazine.



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