Kangana ranaut dating history

Back when the film's trailer released, impressed costars and contemporaries sent her congratulatory texts, seeing just how impressive she was as the goofy small town girl Rani in the film.

Her first play with Arvind Gaur was Girish Karnad's angna doesn't want to limit her creative process as just an actress.

While the focus shifts from the 26-year-old's former bumbling self to a more self-assured avatar and wise life choices, we present here 10 little-known facts from her life.1.

All in the family Kangna's family has always been famously wary of her acting career.

I would literally stay up all night to study for the exams.

And even though they've come around, there are moments when what she does doesn't sit well with her father.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed that he hated in 2005, Kangna started out as a theatre actor in Delhi with the Asmita Theatre Group.



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