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The energy and dynamism this camera was going to bring to your lifestyle is beautifully realised in this commercial too.

The use of still images animated in this manner was another great 80s style that was often used in commercials to crystallise the frame while keeping things exciting and never static. All advertising hyperbole aside the camera itself simplified the process of taking photos by offering very few controls and opted for using Disc Film, which was a new format for the 80s and although technically inferior to regular film, didn't diminish its futuristic cachet.

The launch for the Le Clic line was a most bodacious exhibition of 80s excess and can be read in full in this article from the Chicago Tribune in detail and really set the tone for what the brand was about.

Adding a 'Le' to any commonplace item instantly gave it a mystique and affluence in the 80s and combined with exciting and vibrant advertising made this iconic overnight.

Although the line launched in 1986 the pop culture references occurred later on.

They sold the lifestyle as the product and the 80s emodiment of marketing never rung truer.

But look at those lines, such an absolutely stunning piece of design.


The repositioning of the shutter button to the front face certainly made for a avant garde design choice, but not so much for practicality, but that point is moot when the camera itself is so full of style Even the packaging was highly design oriented with 80s aeshetics positively leaping off the display pegs.

The jaunty angle of the camera in the blister pack and the delightfully refined geometric lines just exude style and cool.



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