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Maybe some grads need help interpreting school ratings before using capitals on determiners and nouns. I had to work and couldn't watch the show -- was there any discussion how The University could have/should have intervened to assist Yeardley?? The Commonwealth Attorney doesn't prosecute student on student rapes, PERIOD! She accused this guy came up to her in a concert and groped her breasts and crotch. He kept insisting as she pushed him away several times eventually took his photo and tracked him down on facebook to file charges. I still fail to see how it's UVA's fault, everything happened off-campus, he had no run ins with the university police, no one complained about him, he lived off campus.The chant is "we believe you" but prosecuting rapes is very difficult and student victims don't have the stomach! There were several witnesses and he didn't deny it. Can't wait for the law suit against UVA, who stood by and let this boy get away with everything. It's not their job to play matchmaker for the students."I never knew anybody that had done such things like that," says Lexie, adding that she was "very shocked" when those details emerged during the investigation.While the Loves have maintained silence on the case before now, they have been active in establishing the late woman's legacy.As for her calling UVa "the university," I hope folks realize that "the university" was recently voted the second top public school in the USA.Maybe these pretentious little preppies should call it what it is: University of Virginia. P.: Jack Webb I saw the promo this am -- her angle was on dating violence. The problem is in all other parts of the country female students do have the stomach and college rapists prosecuted! In this recent hook story the crotch grabber got 8 months: But last November a UVA student reported a groping incident at a concert to the police and to UVA it wasn't taken seriously. I watched the case and the evidence presented, she also was heavy into alcohol and did some physically abusive things, even her friends admitted that she could and did get physical.That's like calling a Subway sandwich maker an "artist." It is another in the long line of tiring, inconsequential-fluff, appealing to a low denominator emesis from network television.She actually should try her hand at soap operas; more her target audience.


It happened on the September 20 episode of "Did you have any inkling that she was in a dangerous relationship? Neither mother nor sister was aware of his previous violence, including his assaults of a Lexington, Virginia police officer and a sleeping UVA lacrosse teammate.Among their efforts is the One Love Foundation, a nonprofit that, according to its website, aims to "educate, encourage and develop in children and young adults four qualities that Love exemplified: service, kindness, humility, and sportsmanship." Preventing domestic violence is another priority, as evidenced by the launch of the Foundation's new "Be 1 for Change" initiative that, according to a press release, will "serve as the base of a long-term campaign to combat Relationship Violence (RV) in the United States." Included in the launch is a free and anonymous "danger assessment" app for i Phone and Android, a tool designed to help individuals determine if their relationship could put them at risk, as well as a public service announcement aimed at raising awareness of dating violence among people ages 16 to 24.Couric, who formerly anchored the When Katie Couric interviewed Liz Seccuro years ago, she referred to UVA as "The University" so that she minimized identifying the school and bringing bad publicity on a common problem - campus rape. will not say one negative word about the school's failure address George's problems. Go for it Katie - silence is not an acceptable answer to what transpired last summer at your alma mater .The only reason he doesn't get prosecuted is because he's a UVA student. They were both adults, they both made their decisions, sadly, she chose to remain in an abusive situation, they were vindictive to each other. They were indeed in an abusive relationship -- but it was fueled by the fact that the Lacrosse coach and other students were aware of George's drinking.

I am glad her show is having the Love's on - and I hope she wilol address all the issues that resulted in Ms Love's death - and the emotional death of so many other women who were raped and the crime ignored by the University staff. Folks, c'mon, it's Katie Couric, who rode the nadir of modern television.maybe Katie needs to address why UVA fought against HB2490...... It was quite charitable of our intrepid reporter to state "a talk show created by Couric." Created?



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