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Of these Royal suits my taste best - it's a little more refined than White with a slightly deeper tobacco taste and less vanilla topping.

Overall a very nice aromatic smoke, more complex and higher quality than most people judge. As with the other Captain Black products, you have to sip it to avoid tongue bite. One bowl lasts me a good long time and lightens my mood. The vanilla scent while you are hit with the tasteful notes of the tobacco is extremely pleasing to yourself and everyone around you. =edit= I just smoked a huge bowlful of this stuff in my kaywoodie..god.

I don't know why so many people knock Captain Black tobaccos.

I rather like them, and I think extra points should be given for price and availability.

An all day smoke that, if you're a black cavendish fan, wears fairly well on your senses during the day so long as you don't puff like a steam engine. It has about as much flavor as a bowl of steam." Granted, it does smell very nice in the package--absurdly artificial and nothing remotely like tobacco--but nice.

And it burns nice and easy, and of course, it is easily available.


Very similar to CB White but with a more refined Vanilla taste that never bit and was always sweet.

As fine an aromatic as you'll find anywhere on the market today, Captain Black stayed true to form with Royal.



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