Kentucky dating laws

The Commonwealth should expand protective order statute to allow persons who are dating, or have dated, but who have never lived together, and do not have a child in common, to petition for protective orders.

If you would like to view a complete version of the Kentucky Constitution, Kentucky Revised Statutes or the Kentucky Administrative Regulations, please visit the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed a dating violence bill into law Thursday afternoon at the state capital.“There's not a bill that is more important to the commonwealth than the passage of House Bill 8,” said Gov. House Bill 8 allows victims to take out emergency protective orders, or EPOs, against their abusers or stalkers.Before this law passed, that kind of protection only applied to married couples, those who have children together, or people who live together.It's here now, but as we all know, our job is not finished.


Violence and the threat of violence are unfortunate, tragic realities for too many Kentuckians,” said Gov. Representative John Tilley says one in three women in the country will be victimized by stalking, rape, or some kind of violence.“It should all strike us that we still have a lot of work to do. We are now, no longer last but once again a leader because of a well-crafted bill,” said Rep. Until the bill passed, lawmakers say the only way a victim of dating violence could get protection, was to file a complaint, which would take weeks to months before it was even heard in court.

Physical and sexual abuse is the most often talked about piece of dating abuse, but dating abuse doesn’t have to be physical.


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