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The average number of people it passed through was 5.2 [so each letter was sent 6.2 times on average to get to the final person] leading to more emphasis on that whole SIX thing.Problem #1: Here the 6.2 was an average, not a maximum like in the short story above.In other words, this experiment suggests that two people in the US would be 6.2 steps on average away from each other if they’re connected at all, but they probably aren’t.We should select any person from the 1.5 billion inhabitants of the Earth—anyone, anywhere at all.He bet us that, using no more than Musing #1: The 5th root of 1.5 billion is about 68.5.The notion of “degrees of separation” is once again in the news, thanks to Microsoft.The basic idea is that you start with someone, look at everyone they know (where “know” would have to be defined in some way), then look at everyone that those people know, and see what happens.


This distinction is pretty much always blurred when degrees of separation are talked about informally.Problem #2: The 6.2 was the average only of the letters that made it to their destination, and that was only 64 out of 296.


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