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Chelsea, who co-hosted the breakfast show with Mike Toolan for the past 11 years, shocked listeners when she announced she was leaving the show on air last month.

The station told her of its decision in a timely and transparent manner and honoured the contract in full.

In her final “life quote” segment on the show, she referenced: But sources close to the star say she was ‘devastated’ on her final show, regularly breaking down on air - especially as she had rushed back from maternity leave after just 14 weeks to return to the show and the job she loved.

She later posted on social media how overwhelmed she was with the amount of gifts that arrived at the station that day and messages received.

Key 103 has released a statement saying it did not force popular presenter Chelsea Norris out of her job.

The statement comes after news surfaced that Chelsea was forced out of her job after coming back from maternity leave.

On her final day at the station - just two days after her shock announcement - Chelsea said her emotional goodbyes to listeners, with a number of upset fans ringing in to the show to pay their tributes.She was not 'let go with immediate effect.' The station continues to wish Chelsea every future success.Fans took this to mean that Chelsea had made the decision to leave to spend more time with her six-month-old daughter.Mike Toolan remains at the station as the breakfast show anchor, although it is not yet known who will replace Chelsea.

Since her departure Mike has been joined by guest co-hosts from Coronation Street including Brooke Vincent, Jennie Mc Alpine and Kym Marsh.And Mike has recently begun a Saturday morning show with Kelly Pegg, the wife of the station’s Programme Director Chris Pegg.


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