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), so they feel fresher and more interesting to my ears.

(Although, I admit to having a few moments of wondering whether PD Jeon just recently saw Boys Before Flowers (Second OST) – “애인만들기” by SS501.

I don’t actually think the new songs in this second half are any better than the songs in the first half (and they’re just as inappropriately used).

It’s more a matter of not having had the songs hammered into our brains relentlessly (yet?


Encouraged, Ga-eul accompanies Yi-jung to a club, but her gladness soon dies because Yi-jung gets busy flirting with every woman who passes.

He’s not even being subtle about it, and Ga-eul is naive enough to take his behavior at face value, when it’s clear (to us) that he’s doing this make a point.


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