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In general, an adult convert will be received into Orthodoxy only when the parish rector is satisfied with regard to the faith and manner of life of the convert.The Holy Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation are generally performed in church during a special service that takes about 45 minutes.The information on this page is general information about the practicalities of certain special services, or services of need.It is current as of 19 April 2016 and applies to all services arranged on or after this date.Children are baptised on the understanding that their parents and godparents will attend, as the children grow, to their believing, behaving and belonging as Orthodox Christians.The family is encouraged to form an ongoing relationship with the parish and to involve itself in church life.It is good for family and friends to be there to pray for the person being baptised.



The parish rector will, in consultation with the Diocesan Bishop, make a decision about the reception of each individual.

Such decisions will be made with regard to each individual’s circumstances.


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