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Whether it is small bookmark or an elaborate backpack, each of our products is painstakingly hand-made by women survivors.

Our products’ USP lie in their distinctive designs and the superior quality, made possible by the greatest attention to detail paid by each of our employees during the process of design and execution.

We believe in the work Destiny Reflection is undertaking and we respect Smarita as a strong leader with great integrity and determination.” I began working with Destiny on my first trip to India in 2009.

Our journey so far would have been much more challenging, if not impossible, without the help of the many organizations who have partnered with us over the years.

We have a number of wonderful associates sprinkled in all parts of the globe who are dedicated patrons of the products made by us and who make every effort to ensure that they reach out to as many consumers as possible.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to return to Kolkata for a visit, and stopped by Destiny to see the girls and catch up with them.It was wonderful to see them again and hear how the business has grown since its beginnings when I was volunteering there.For me, this included assisting with the development of Destiny’s website, helping establish a system to better organize financial records and offering insight into the strategic planning of Destiny.These four months in Kolkata were very rewarding for my wife and I and we plan to continue our relationship with Smarita and the others at Destiny.

My placement was at Destiny Rescue Center, and through working with them was introduced to some of the most amazing women I’ve been privileged to meet.

Over the three months I was there, I formed close friendships with the girls, and was even invited by one of them to visit her home village, which was one of the most memorable days I spent in India!



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