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This is the city where Ronald Ross did his pioneering malaria research, Jagadish Chandra Bose made pioneering discoveries on radio signals and plant physiology, and Satyendranath Bose gave the world Boson, the god particle.In 1981, Mother Teresa flew to Haiti receive the Legion d’Honneur from dictator Jean- Claude Duvalier or ‘Baby Doc’, a man who robbed millions from the impoverished nation and topped it up with human rights abuses.Once one of the survivors decided to break the cycle of silence that pervades rape culture, dozens of victims came forward to reveal the abuse they had suffered over years, sharing screenshots and verbal reports of the abuse.Accounts ranged from sexually explicit messages that continued despite repeated demands to stop, to physical assault.Over the course of the weekend which witnessed the outpouring of solidarity messages as more complainants came forward, several of the survivors alleged that their Facebook accounts had been “hacked into” and chat threads and Public posts that contained evidence of the harassment, erased. “This miracle claim is absolute nonsense and should be condemned by everyone,” Dr Ranjan Kumar Mustafi, of Balurghat Hospital in West Bengal, was quoted saying in newspapers.The second miracle reportedly happened in 2008 when Brazilian Marcilio Andrino, who the Church says unexpectedly recovered from a severe brain infection minutes before a surgery after his family prayed to Mother Teresa.

At least two of the victims were underage, being fifteen years old at the time of their horrific experience.

Students from other undergraduate batches had been victims as well.

“Mother Teresa’s emphasis on “the poorest of the poor and the lowest of the low” has served to reinforce for the impression of Calcutta as a city of dreadful night,” Christopher Hitches writes in his book Missionary Position, which demolishes the hype around her.

“Mother Teresa’s global income is more than enough to outfit several first-class clinics in Bengal.


A hallmark of this case was the sheer number of survivors who were afraid to speak up, fearing not only disbelief but the systematic online harassment that one of the survivors had to go through.A friend of the accused from Presidency University, Janhabi Mukherjee, was also accused, with substantial proof, of spearheading an online and offline smearing campaign against the survivor who first spoke up.



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