Kristin dating justin


For the most part, he's been doing his part to avoid the spotlight, as the article notes he's been focused on his two passions, hair and music.

Despite his absence from the mainstream, he's still got that special place in our teenage heart.

he has nothing but love for fellow bad boy Spencer. The musician told while the two weren't romantically involved, "We were just supportive of each other at a time where something like that, you don't really have the most support.

"Spencer Pratt actually just hit us up about a month ago. He's kind of one of my favorite people that I worked with. It was in your face and aggressive, but every time I was with him, sitting with him, he was just speaking a lot of truth and you can't really f--k with someone who's speaking truth." Aww. He's Really Good at Cutting Hair: While staying out the of spotlight, Justin has become the proud owner of a handful of hair salons in California and Nicaragua. We could talk about it and you couldn't do that with most because it would be leaked. It never evolved into anything too heavy, but we definitely went through an experience of doing TV and filming and traveling and having laughs and she's still a dear friend to this day." Double aww.

“We worked so much together for such a long time that we’d work all these hours and then we’d go have dinner and do things together, but our schedules kind of collided.”But did he ever really date Kristin?

Don't be fooled he told , "We didn't come together, we didn't leave together, she came in her Mercedes and left in her Mercedes and I just came to work."Snap!


The hair guru even created a product line called Brush Your Hair, which, judging from the looks of J. When the topic of ex-girlfriends came up, JB chose to talk about Kristin’s one-time rival for his attention, Audrina Patridge.


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