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1) is there a REAL legitimate online website where I can trust giving my credit card number ?if yes please recommend me the URLs.2) Would you rather go live in Russia or surrounding countries until you meet that special person ?Well it is kind of hard to put down all the details here, but the bottom line is that I am looking for a nice educated pretty!I am 34 years old, educated (two bachelors and a master degree) guy from Istanbul, loving art, culture, traveling and all that nice crap !currently working as an engineer and have a stable job, I am just incompetent with Turkish women, I find them very controlling and jealous.Having said that, I have searched so long on Google to find some friend finder websites to meet some nice Russian ladies but they all turned out to be scam, there are so much Russian women scams on the Internet that I lost hope.Please put yourself in my situation, per say, you would like to meet a nice educated Russian or European woman, what would you do or can do from Turkey ?4) If I'm looking for a lady who is into classical music (e.g.


I heard some skinheads attack non-Russian people, would they also target Turks ?I do have black hair and my skin is fairly dark.3) Will Russian women look down (be bias about me ) me because I am Turkish ?, you must live in Turkey, dive into culture, I am sure you will meet someone spacial.Anyways, here is my question, I assure you that I am sincere about my question and everything about my self, in order to get precise answer, I must talk about myself first.

Alright, I am a Turkish gentlemen (I know it is rare I have been reading some of the posts here about Turkish guys, although it breaks my heart why Turkish man would get such a insulting level of criticism by foreign women, I have to admin most are true.Please don't let whole Nation down because of some of ignorant Turkish guys who may have been mistreated foreign women, I just would like to assure you that there are some educated, European and nice Turkish guys out there but you won't find them by going to Disco !



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