Kymani marley dating

The film is a captivating story of two young men from Jamaica struggling to reach their dreams through living life in the "fast lane".

This film was never released in theaters; however, the video/DVD circulation has created a tremendous buzz.

Ky-mani is an East African term meaning adventurous traveler, and as a man living up to his name, each album or travel, is an adventure. With an eclectic vision he searched for his niche, roaming the musical spectrum, exploring his many talents.In 2001, Many More Roads (Grammy-nominated), a "traditional" reggae album was released exposing a more mature Ky-mani.


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    I am a professional man in my 40’s and I have decided a while ago that I do not want to have kids. Some people will find this selfish but I have seen enough of my friends with kids who struggle to pay the bills, find a suitable apartment and in general lead pretty hectic lives while having zero time for themselves.

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    Sure you do not want to turn out irresponsible and frivolous, so you should rip some serious themes.

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