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Ages ago, at Golden Nugget’s rowdy Rush Lounge, the production effects in Frankie Moreno’s show were a smudged glass jar at the edge of the stage with a sign reading “tips” taped to the top.And for choreography, we had Moreno and a backing musician sprinting through the casino.They got the money back and even finished the song, which sadly was an ironically named original, “Smile,” and not Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run.” It’s sort of always been about the chase, and the influences, for Moreno. Tickets are - and on sale beginning Wednesday at 10 a.m.He’s moving his fiery and freewheeling stage show, “Under the Influence,” to Planet Hollywood Showroom beginning April 20. at Ticket, by phone at (800) 745-3000 and by visiting the PH Showroom box office.Moreno’s new home is a familiar haunt, the onetime venue of such productions as “Stomp!,” “Peepshow,” “Rock Tellz & Cocktails” and, most recently, Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquism production.The new show is backed by Base Entertainment, giving Moreno yet another production where he draws a salary — and a very healthy one, too, according to reports — without having to lease the room himself.

That venue will be “draped” from its full 1,350 capacity to just under 800.Also expect a second production, starring yet another ventriloquist, “America’s Got Talent” champ Paul Zerdin, in PH Showroom by year’s end.The room has been dark for months as Moreno has vaulted around the Strip seeking a residency after being cut loose by Stratosphere, where he performed from November 2011 through October 2014.That was the case one night when a lounge lizard who was aptly “under the influence” grabbed the tip jar and fled the room.


Moreno and his drummer, Matt Belote (better known as “Peanut Butter”), chased down the guy in the casino, tackled him and held him down until security arrived.Though the room is being drawn down, that capacity and ticket-selling requirement is sure to raise eyebrows around town, as it is about double what Moreno played to at the Strat.


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    ) 30ies (who, at least at one point, are amusingly Borg-like), three pledges must tell a scary story each. The first story involves an evil doll, the second a creepy castle in Transsylvania and in the third, three babysitters (ok, they're not actually babysitters, but they might as well be to make the cliché complete) get creepy phone calls.

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