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Spencer said she has a genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia.“It was embarrassing to share and then I realized there is nothing to be embarrassed about,” she said.“I waited for a long time before I did anything about it or told anyone because it’s an old person’s problem and I just couldn’t believe it,” the “Good Morning America” co-anchor shared on the ABC show.Spencer, 47, has led a very active lifestyle — having once been a competitive diver at Penn State. “I love sports, I love being active, I love challenging myself,” she said.“What I wish I would have done is just taken care of this sooner and spoken up,” Spencer noted.“There is no ignoring it at this point,” Spencer said. Jennifer Ashton explains, Spencer will be walking on her new hip the same day as surgery.“I just want to say anybody out there who suffers with chronic pain, I feel you. She can expect to undergo another three to six months of rehabilitation.“I was a jock growing up from the time I could walk.” Dr.


anchor Pat O'Brien intends to write a tell-all detailing his struggle with alcoholism and his "unfortunate scandal," in which he left slurred sexually graphic voicemail messages on a woman's phone, he tells the — with biographer Andrew Morton, will also address his 2004 divorce from his wife, Linda, which occurred a year before his voicemails leaked.In the voicemails, O'Brien asked an unidentified woman to join him for drugs and sex.“If you don’t talk about it, you can’t fix it, so I’m happy if I can save one person from not having to go through the pain,” Spencer explained. It’s gnawing at you all the time.” Although she’s a competitive athlete, she’s “terrified” to go under the knife.As the mother of two painted, the pain had become too difficult to manage. But as ABC News chief women’s health correspondent Dr.

Based in New York, she will cover issues like family, parenting, health, fitness and work/life balance and will be involved in the morning program’s entertainment and celebrity coverage.Lara Spencer announced on Thursday morning that she’ll be undergoing hip replacement surgery this Saturday.


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