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Like, Larry Jew.” The Freak Book (2007) Desperate to reconnect with his estranged wife Cheryl, Larry arranges an elaborate scheme to arrange a fake mugging of her therapist, allowing him to rush in and play the hero. Soon after, when he needs flowers to curry favour with a school administrator, he steals three bouquets from the roadside memorial for Funkhouser’s dead mother. Funkhouser's Crazy Sister (2009) Larry tries to break up with his live-in girlfriend Loretta (Vivica A. Schaffer: “Your life is mostly going to be taking her to appointments or here with her in the house.” Larry: “I can still play golf.” Dr. I don’t imagine you'd have time for that.” Larry: “Once a week?

Fox) before she receives the results of her biopsy. ” Denise Handicap (2009) Larry asks Denise out on a date, not realizing she’s a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair.

” Larry: “Literally.” The Surrogate (2004) When his friend Richard Lewis begins dating an African-American woman, he admits to Larry his feelings of insecurity about his “equipment.” Larry then demonstrates his general racial ignorance with two classic blunders: Outside an L. restaurant, he hands his parking tag to the black man standing beside him, assuming him to be the car valet. More embarrassingly, Larry and Lewis find themselves flanking NBA star Muggsy Bogues at a urinal and can’t resist sneaking a peek to see if the stereotype about black men being well-endowed is true. Meet the Blacks (2007) Trying to make amends with Cheryl for skipping two social engagements, Larry agrees to take in the Black family, who lost their home and all belongings in a hurricane. The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial (2007) Obviously, the Larry David system of checks and balances deviates from the norm.

Everyone in the group tells their story, and when they come around to Larry, he feels compelled to contribute: “I had sex with my uncle when I was 12,” he improvises. The Doll (2001) During a party at the home of a high-ranking broadcast executive, the man’s young daughter asks Larry to give her doll a haircut.He naturally butchers the job, leaving the child wailing and her father unlikely to green-light Larry’s idea for a new TV show. ’ ‘Oh, I stuck a doll's head down my pants, doctor.’ ” Compounding his woes, Larry is caught in his thievery by Jeff’s scary wife, Susie (Susie Essman).Discovering that his friend Jeff's daughter has a similar doll, Larry goes to his home and steals the head, which he shoves down his pants, causing itching and Larry worrying about a trip to the doctor. The Blind Date (2004) Trying to be helpful in his own brutally honest way, Larry informs his new blind friend Michael that his girlfriend is not particularly attractive.Michael falls into a funk and Larry makes it his mission to find him a new love connection.

, which he co-created, the HBO comedy’s scenarios are derived from real-life human minutiae, as viewed from David’s uniquely dyspeptic perspective.

He makes you laugh, but you also want to throttle him.


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