Lauren conrad dating 2016


A promo for the upcoming special, "That Was Then, This Is Now," features Conrad lounging on a couch."So often we would say if you knew the real story you would understand.And what I would like to do is tell that story," Conrad says.She teases that the special, announced in conjunction with alums have come forward to suggest that all wasn't as it seemed on the hit MTV series, which followed Conrad, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge as they launched their careers and experienced the ups and downs of dating and friendship in L. When she announced the special, Conrad said she was partnering with MTV on the project.


"Looking back, I am grateful for the incredible opportunity we were given to take part in this show.

While it was hard at times to share my personal life (poor makeup choices and all) with the world; the experience taught me so much and forever altered my life and my outlook for the better," she wrote. Without all the amazing people we were lucky enough to have working behind-the-scenes (especially the show’s talented creator and executive producer, Adam Divello), it would have been just another easily forgotten reality show.

"Initially, off camera for that whole summer, we were double dating -- Brody [Jenner], Heidi, Lauren and I. And then when Brody and Lauren stopped [dating] -- yeah, they kept kind of faking it for the show -- [we're] like, 'Oh, we're friends,'" he disclosed.

Neither star said much about their relationship while together, and they were even more tight-lipped after it ended.


Instead, they made a show that documented—and at times created—my reality during those years in a unique and beautiful way." The special will air at 9 p.m.

Plus, Find Out What Everyone Is Up to Now "So often, we would say, 'If you knew the real story, you would understand,'" Conrad says in the promo.


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