Lauren london dating lil wayne

The photo features London wearing a “Crenshaw” hoodie with the caption, “I fux w yo style.U should b somebody stylist.” The line refers to Hussle’s song ‘Between Us,’ which details a woman he’s been dealing with. As Lil Wayne, 32, rapped “Mama I’m in love with a hot girl,” a scantily clad Milian, 33, danced around him to their new duet “Start a Fire.” PHOTOS: Stars at the American Music Awards So on Thursday, Jan. ” Looking shocked, the singer responded, “We’re in the studio late at night, we’re in a skate park.” But when Williams called Wayne “not a full boyfriend, but a sometimes thing,” Milian was quick to correct her. , PHOTOS: Hollywood's friendliest exes Milian had Violet with her ex-husband, producer The Dream, in February 2010. After Christina Milian and rapper Lil Wayne took the stage together at the 2014 American Music Awards in late November, speculation that they were more than just musical collaborators began. ” PHOTOS: Celebrity couple's love stories Williams, 50, wasn’t satisfied, questioning, “Do you sleep with him at night? ” The former Disney recording artist was referring to her new reality series on E! Lauren and Wayne had a nine in a half year on again-off again relationship. When she became pregnant, it was also rumored that Nivea was pregnant by Lil Wayne also and that they were engaged to be married sometime in 2009. She lived with him in New Orleans Add other Relationship Information I met Dwayne when I was 15 years old. They talked about me so bad during my pregnancy at this point, what can they say. At some point it did hurt my feelings and I had to let it go because it was distracting me from what God had me doing. I've known him a very long time and we were in a relationship that didnt make it. “He and I have grown to this really great place, this partnership as far as parenting now. Although Hussle and London are mum on their relationship, fans have pointed to Hussle’s Instagram page where he posted a photo of the beautiful actress.



In the past, she has dated R&B crooner Trey Songz and rapper Lil Wayne, who is the father of her 4-year-old son.Do you think Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London are dating? Listen to Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Between Us’ Featuring K.The rapper also raps, “Fly out to Atlanta, you played that role that you poppin.” London made her acting debut in the coming-of-age movie ‘ATL’ so he could be referencing her with those song lyrics.London has been attached to several big-names in the music industry.


15, talk show host Wendy Williams was quick to ask the R&B artist about the rumored romance. PHOTOS: Top celeb couples of 2014 “I mean, girl, don’t put that out there like that! “I’m just saying we have great chemistry, and we have a great involvement in each other’s life. The couple divorced in October 2011, but remain close, and the “Dip It Low” singer actually asked her ex’s permission to feature their daughter on her new show.“Her father and I, we’re in a really great place,” Milian told Williams.


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