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Watch this video and witness first-hand what member families are saying about this growing ministry and get a small glimpse of our enormous vision.

Come and see soon - in person A Message from Pastor Moore New Era Church is a Word-centered ministry where no one is left behind.


Our only purpose is to glorify Christ and honor the Father by bringing the Kingdom Agenda to Earth.One of the biggest struggles for married couples is understanding where each other is coming from. They also approach the relationship from different angles.This can make it difficult when trying to make a marriage thrive.In this article I want to help men with understanding where their wife is coming from, understanding her emotional needs, and taking steps to meet those needs.

Sometimes, men can give it a great effort to connect with their wife, and the wife not respond in kind. Often, they will say, 'I'm sorry', just to smooth things over.However, more often than not the problem arises when the man fails to relate to his wife. However, there is a better and more permanent way to peace in the home, and that is meeting your wife's emotional needs. Many women are running on empty, and are desperate to be satisfied.



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