Lee dong wook and eugene kim dating

*************************************************************** After Save The Last Dance For me, I researched everything about Eugene (other dramas, movies, boyfriends, etc…) - I was already a big fan. She showed how you can be a mom and still have a dream! She was sweet with Shin Bi, sexy when she had to (especially when seducing her husband) and competitive with her rival Lee Chae Young. Her son, Tae Geuk, in Can We Love was almost a teenager and her relationship with him was different from the one she had with Shin Bi.Later, I saw Wonderful Life in which she starred with Kim Jae Won and a child actress- Jeong Da Bin. After Wonderful Life in 2005, she played a mom twice more in One Mom and Three Dads in 2008 and Can we Love in 2014. Still, she was up to the challenge - it was one of the most beautiful mother-son relationships in the world of dramas. She won her first Best Acting Award for Shin Yoo Kyung's role - Tak Goo's ( Yoon Si Yoon) first love.With Shoo and Bada, she was part of SM Entertainement's first girls group - S. Since then, she has made a lot of dramas and movies. **************************************************************** As I wrote, I discovered her in Save The Last Dance For Me - a melodrama. I loved this drama because the casting was good and the story very deep.It was my first Korean drama too, so you can imagine how I felt.Of course, the first meeting is a disaster, but eventually they fall in love and must stay strong, when facing their fighting families.****************************************************************Eugene often starred in family dramas. It’s weird, because I thought Shin Yoo Kyung’s role was not her best one.That said, it was good to see her play the “bad girl” part.

I saw Eugene for the first time in Save The Last Dance For Me - my first Korean Drama. After the band had split, each girl pursued a solo career: Bada, who has a beautiful voice, starred in musicals; Shoo, who went to Entertainment, is now married and a mother of three; and Eugene became an actress.

I've been stalking her since then and she became my favorite actress ^^ Eugene is one of the first generation idol-actresses (predecessors of those famous today like Suzy). She also continued her music career for while and released two albums “ She wasn't successful though and turned to acting, where she met with big success. Her acting touched me as she was very bright, joyful and pretty.



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