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The limit value curve means that heavier cars are allowed higher emissions than lighter cars.Only the fleet average is regulated, so manufacturers are still able to make vehicles with emissions above the curve provided these are balanced by vehicles below the curve. From 2015 onwards, all newly registered cars must comply with the limit value curve.This means a fuel consumption of around 4.1 l/100 km of petrol or 3.6 l/100 km of diesel.The 20 targets represent reductions of 18% and 40% respectively compared with the 2007 fleet average of 158.7g/km.If the average CO-reducing effects of a new technology during the test procedure used for vehicle type approval.To encourage eco-innovation, manufacturers can be granted emission credits equivalent to a maximum emissions saving of 7g/km per year for their fleet if they equip vehicles with innovative technologies, based on independently verified data.

These eco-innovation credits will be maintained for the 2021 target.

The cars Regulation gives manufacturers additional incentives to produce vehicles with extremely low emissions (below 50g/km).

A shorter phase-in period will apply to the target of 95g/km.

95% of each manufacturer's new cars will have to comply with the limit value curve in 2020, increasing to 100% in 2021.

EU legislation sets mandatory emission reduction targets for new cars.This legislation is the cornerstone of the EU's strategy to improve the fuel economy of cars sold on the European market. The law requires that the new cars registered in the EU do not emit more than an average of 130 grams of CO per kilometre.



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