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If you want to get close to a Leo male, become his audience.


A Leo man is extremely possessive of his loved ones and as far as you are concerned, you belong to him and him only. Even a playful look at another man will send his jealousy meter to the topmost point.Candlelight dinner, moonlit night, sensual music and lots of romance - that's it! Infact, romance is something without which no Leo can survive for too long.He needs the constant love and attention given by a lover. You will be showered with roses, given gifts every now and then, taken to the best restaurants and be loaded with love letters, sprayed with sensual perfume.Behind all this calm is the fire of an August-born.

Try dominating him even a slightest bit and you will see the fireworks.When pushed too far, he will send that man thrashing to the floor, if not the hospital.



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