Lil scrappy dating

Erica said in an on-air interview that she believes there’s always a chance for people to change and that completely moving away from one’s past is a mistake.“People do change and evolve for the better, you know, so you never know what the future holds,” Erica said. Lil Scrappy is having a promising relationship with former star Bambi, and Erica is dating O’Shea Russell.Or Did Lil Scrappy make some covert moves to win her back?Whatever it is, the road to reconciliation will certainly be paved with broken glass.While this is good news for fans who have rooted for the couple ever since season one, we say it will probably get bad and messy. Why Erica hinted on reconciling with Lil Scrappy, we don’t know.

after a salon owner refused to serve his family because they're black. READ MORE Filming of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" turned into a CRAZY free-for-all Wednesday ...

as a massive brawl erupted during production leaving stars bloodied and injured ... READ MORE Lil' Scrappy could be on the hook for k in damages after a hotel room got TRASHED in an epic afterparty -- but like Shaggy ...

It takes a real man to open up about his feelings; just ask Lil Scrappy.

The ATL spitter not only puts his life in his music, he is now the star of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," and the intimate details of his love life are being broadcast on television.

Waka Flocka and Lil Scrappy won't be writing a relationship advice column any time soon, but they have some entertaining takes on relationships.

We caught up with them and their ladies in ATL and…


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