Limoges porcelain marks dating

Pottery & Porcelain Marks – Words & Initials – L: Potteries in Limoges, France, such as Theodore Haviland, Serpaut, and Legrand & Co., have marks here.

The "Limoges" city name appears on many of the marks because it says "quality" to the customer.

An American manufacturer, Haviland Limoges, produced widely coveted dinnerware in a Limoges factory from 1842 on.

Collectors are most interested in the French Limoges made before about 1930. If you're looking for genuine French Limoges, be aware that there are a lot of different marks.

The Crown and N is one of the most faked marks found today.

Limoges porcelain refers to a town and region about 229 miles southwest of Paris where deposits of kaolin, a key mineral used for fine porcelain, were discovered in the late 18th century.


The mark was used from 1771 to 1821 and was originally hand-painted over or under the glaze.Pottery & Porcelain Marks – Crown: Marks showing crowns have been used since the early 18th century and are still in use today.While some marks are the basic design of a curved line on the bottom with lines jutting out toward the top, most marks are crowns with elaborate details.Look for telltale marks under the glaze, not on it, on the back or bottom of the piece. A New York manufacturer that set up a Limoges factory, Bawo & Dotter, called their firm Elite Works and started turning out porcelain marked "Elite France" or "Elite Works France" in 1892.

Companies both in and outside Italy have used the mark ever since.The country name appears under the mark after 1891, if the pottery or porcelain is sold in the United States.


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