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Since typical traffic patterns are known, blocking probabilities can be predicted.Figure 2 shows that for a given percentage of airtime loading, blocking probabilities are reduced as the number of trunked repeaters increases.


7.1 SELECTABLE SYSTEMS AND GROUPS 7.2 RECEIVE PRIORITY ID CODES 7.3 RIC REPEATER INTERCONNECT ID CODES 7.4 SYSTEM SCAN 7.5 GROUP SCAN 7.6 PROCEED (CLEAR-TO-TALK) TONE 7.7 TRANSMIT INHIBIT 7.8 FREE SYSTEM RINGBACK 7.9 BUSY QUEUING 7.10 SYSTEM SEARCH 7.11 TRANSPOND 7.12 CALL INDICATOR 7.13 HORN ALERT 7.14 TIME-OUT TIMERLTR radio systems utilize a control concept called trunking.As it applies to radio, trunking is the automatic sharing of channels in a multiple repeater system.


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