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The Boston pitcher, who has one of the best curve balls in the MLB, is no stranger to beautiful women.

garnered a solid 2.33 ERA the following season (2010), and he could have delivered one of his most complete campaigns this year if it weren't for a nagging injury.

If beautiful girls were attracted to men who performed horribly at their jobs in 2008 (like anyone working in the financial sector), then maybe I would understand the allure of Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz.

They both are being considered as one of the hot couple in the players because both of them have got too much hotness and beauty.

There are many fans of them who are looking for clay buchholz wife Lindsay clubine age photo and all their previous history, so we are here to give you each and everything such as wife’s age, their kids and the duration of their marriage.

Despite starting just 16 games in 2013, he managed to garner 12 wins and post a 1.74 ERA.

Every one knows that Linsday Clubin or Linsday Buchholz is clay buchhloz’ wife.

He apparently popped the question on March 13, and the couple is set to be married November 14.

Although currently on the DL and unable to participate in the All Star Game, Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz is having quite a season.


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