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Before applying the latest Service Update, please consult your application provider, as they may have tested a specific Service Update which must be used in conjunction with the application Some application vendors bundle the System Release software with their application.

EC2 instance and reservation IDs, and volume and snapshot IDs for EBS and Storage Gateway, are changing to a longer format.

If you used the RPM installer to install version 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1, you need to take the following steps to upgrade to version 3.2.

Note: If you are currently using version 3.0, you need to uninstall the prebuilt modules RPM package that was installed with 3.0 before you uninstall the 3.0 software.

The transition to longer instance and reservation IDs started in January 2016 and will last through early December 2016, and the transition to longer volume and snapshot IDs started in April 2016 and will last through early December 2016.

During this time, you can choose which ID format these resources are assigned, and you can update your management tools and scripts to add support for the longer format.


will first perform any network-specific hardware/switch initialization indicated (such as setting the MAC address, VLAN tag, or 802.1Qbh virtualport parameters), then perform the PCI device assignment to the guest.

After early December 2016, all newly created instances, reservations, volumes, and snapshots will be required to use the longer ID format.


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