Liquidating distressed inventory

And some of those services are places you can buy as well as sell excess inventory.

Your five basic choices are: Here's where you can go to get it done, depending on what goods you have on hand and in what quantities: Unload in bulk, business-to-business: Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and others can sell goods via centralized liquidation auctions.


After all, the reason you have the surplus is because your regular outlets haven't done the job.Net instant cash on your excess inventory: You can avoid the bother of auctions by selling to a surplus inventory liquidator.Instant, Merchandise and Power Retailing ( all buy a wide range of customer-returned and excess inventory.Excess inventory can be a serious financial drag for any business.


But what to do with excess items -- no matter what they are or where they came from -- can be a difficult dilemma.Setting up your business sellers account is free and simple.


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