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There are cases of parents writing emails directly to MOE to complain about school teachers.

It is more than the improvement on milk powder that has developed youngsters brain better; in my opinion, the over-protectiveness of the parents has placed too much gut into their children.

Parents in this competitive society tend to raise only one child due to the cost of living and thus they dote too much on their single child and they are unwilling to see their precious child being punished physically.

Even then, it was in fact quite rare for teachers to execute physical punishment.The elderly told me the situation was much better than during their school days.In the 80s of Singapore when I first stepped into school, teachers are basically friendly but can be stern at times.Those were the days when parents urged their kids to behave well in school, and they somehow gave support to the school in the methods used to educate the kids.


Singapore education shows a drastic change twenty years later and I am not sure if it is for the better or worse.

Students are somehow no longer wary of doing wrong things in front of the teachers.


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