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The Current's DJ Pick of the Week is a new offering in which The Current's hosts take turns talking about a tune that's recently captured their attention.Tip Calibrating the Kinect sensor for speech and audio may improve your chat experience.To do so, see Using the audio tuner on your Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor.Check for service alerts at Xbox Live Status or see if there's an Xbox Live service alert at the top of this page.For other problems with Xbox Live chat, see Troubleshoot problems with Xbox Live chat on Xbox 360.



Change the chat channel You can change the chat channels to choose who you want to talk to.This week on What's New on The Current, Jade shares Foxygen's new 40-person orchestra '70s-inspired "Follow the Leader" from their forthcoming 'Hang,' a single off Common's 11th studio album featuring Bilal, plus "All to Myself" from Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors.


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