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Some of the stolen photos in that scandal were almost certainly acquired from i Cloud, which led to accusations that i Cloud itself had “been hacked.” It turned out that the problem was almost certainly down to poor i Cloud password choices by the victims, which led Apple to urge everyone, “Use two-step verification!

” Which, embarrassingly for Cupertino’s spokespeople, didn’t actually extend to i Cloud at that point.

Many news stories you’ll see are calling it “two factor authentication” (2FA).

If you have the “Apple two-step” turned on, then the i Message and Face Time services are now protected by it.

If you’re like me (and I know I am), you may not pay all that much attention to sports.

Apple provided two-step security for your Apple ID back in March 2013, and extended the protection to i Cloud in September 2014.

Ironically, extending protection for i Cloud was largely precipitated by Apple’s own advice, issued at the time of 2014’s Giant Nude Celebrity Photo Leak Scandal.

If someone steals the card, they get both factors at once, so you’ve effectively downgraded yourself to 1FA.→ Of course, you shouldn’t really write down your PIN anywhere, unless perhaps it’s on a slip of paper you lock in a safety deposit box.


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