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“It’s fun using We Chat,” said Wei Ziwei, a 23-year-old living in Chongqing, a city in China’s southwestern region.

“Being able to give a voice to your messages makes them so much more interesting.” Other rich features include an abundance of emoticons that can be sent when the right words just can’t be found (you can also make your own emoticons using photos you’ve taken yourself).

The website Tech in Asia notes that Line has grown faster than ever, adding 50 million users in a little more than three months.

“But if everyone decides to move together to try something exciting and new, then a new platform can usurp an old one.” Besides We Chat, two other Asian-based platforms are vying to offer that new experience.Line, a cross-platform communication service and app from NHN Japan — the Japanese arm of South Korean search giant Naver — boasts 160 million users worldwide and offers a social-messaging platform with free calls and messages, games and “stickers” (similar to emoticons).


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