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When the company refused to' sign, the city posted stop w(H"k orders in the current plant ex- pansion, and the cpm|any turned to the federal court for an ui- junction. Claode fcing, is prepare for the b Mt in 1965 with his professional hater father's favorite putter and his ^wn winning ^mile— an ui Aeaiiablc c»m- bination.

' Y ' ' Work has continued, on the plant , undc R .a 4emporary re- straining order, and an order for an injunction is now being pre- pared that will allow the con- struction to-be completed with- out further interference. (Boice Photo by Dyer) FLYER SEARCH EWIS OCEANA- The search for the navy flyers involved in the crash of a ' Navy plane near Chesapeake liglitship, last week was called off at dusk j N'ew Year's Eye with the ricovtrf of a few pieces of wreckage identi- fied as parts of the F4B Phaif- torn 1 1 jet lifter intcrceptoi , Uie BIRDNECK LEAGUE MEETS THURSDAY BIRDNECK POINT — The annual mating of the Birdnnrk Point Commiihity League will Iv* held Thursday at 8 p.m. A report on pr(^ress and a summary of the present situation will precede the election of new officers.

Annual dues of per familf will be acc^ted by the troisurer, at tlffi n»efai^.

This will 1)4 just one of 30 projects in Vi rginia's arterial high way system tentatively scheduled to come up for bids.

(S^f photo by I%fl%$) NORFOLK — Kempsville Utilities Co. y in stopping work on a plant ex- pansion to force the compwy to sign.

has W9n its fight against Vii^nia Beach to keeff from signing an agreement that" would mean giving up its sewage treatment facilities in the future. If the company had sigiwd the agreement, it would have had to give up its plant, serving three residential Subdivisions ti-ear Kempsville, as soon as the Hamjv ton Roads Sanitation District is ready to offer sewer services, ip the area.* .

The two men were attached to Fightgr Squadron 102 at tiie Naval A if Station, Oceana. 64 RJCHMOND — Bids on that s«:tion of Interstate 64 which runs through Norfolk and Vir- pnla Beach are expected to gn to the contractors within the next' six months, according to the State Highway Department. If excessive detours are nec-s- sary to effect delivery of mail customers should temporarily relocate their boxes on the new line of travel, arrange to receive their mail through inake other arrange- . ^This latest development in the city's reapfxtrrionnwnt battle came on the he**Js of a second suit filed by four residents seeking a forced redistricting.

Tfe fireof undetermined ori- gin apparently started in the liv- ing room of the main building, spread to two offij Ees and fhen blazed up a stairway to the sec- ond floof. The Be»;h Boys, bf -^ way, were ideal motel guests, Harris said. Hams said they were quiet, A-ell-be- haved wm) stuck nminly to a diet of steak and f Jenty of milk.

If io Mn"— the bath kilts left bdtind by ad^Murti^ B«u:h Boy. District Court he\e Thursday that Virginia Beach officials had icted impr(^)er!

The artide is a pair of reyer- m Wc t«-fy cbth bath kihs inad- vertantly left in the motel rotmi by\ dgy Carl (Wilson, a name that un- doubtedly means more to tlie younger set than our adult read- ers, and Harris assmes tho kilts belonged jto that particubr Beach ' Bby. School Blazi^ Here Fa Hs To VIRGINIA BEACH — Stu- dents of Country Day School for Girls thought For aw Mle Jheir holiday v Kation mi§^t be ex- tended after a Saturday night fii-e severely damaged tte schojl building at 3603 Atlantic Ave. Dliriug the interval they stayed in their rooms, depended on room service for their meals, and caused very little commotion.

But classes resumed on sched- ule T^fonday morning in the First Presb^erian Church. The motel has receive\nurner ous calls since the groi\| left from girls wanting to bit V^ie jm IIow cases they used and /an other bit of paraphanelia that could be used as a souvenir. Motel Manager Hoyt Capps has given Harni* the okay to dispense witli the ctething as he sees fit He is pondering sevwal moves but so far has come up with no logiciil decision. Despite wliat adults might think of the whole- somencss of the long-haired, leather jacketed troup.

/ BRAAY \ THE ORLT ffiff SPAPER PRINTED n VR6110A l EACB ricusq.h:), WA.

VIRGINIA BEACH SUN -NEWS PUBLISHED TUKDAY & THURSDAY nil Volume Xi, No. VIRGl Nf A BEACH, VIRGINIA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1965 6 PAGES Sr^Ll COPYi 10c. W i R WP CITY MAY SEEK CHARTER CHANGE BELLBOY HERE GETS BEACH BOYS' TOGS t '*, By Raby Icm Ph Uipi VIRGINIA BEACH - Mel- vin Harris, a bellboy -U the Thunderbird Motor lidge. He has fallen heir to an aitule of clothing that could well cause a riot among local teen-agers.


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