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dating and chat Set up your own free chat and interact with other users of the site. Fabulous – GALAXY – Fairytale Galaxy Chat: reality show. The Free Video Chat mode allows you to Video Chat with non-paying guests, without getting undressed.Each guest can enter your Video Chat room without getting your prior approval and view you for free for 3 minutes.However, the Guest won't be able to rate you during that time.While in Free Live Video Chat mode, selected non-paying Im Live Members will be able to access your room through teaser-banners throughout Im Live, as well as banners on external affiliate websites.This ground-breaking feature allows you to attract curious visitors from Im Live's numerous affiliate sites!These curious visitors will be coming into your Video Chat room from varying sites and different countries.In addition, the feature increases your exposure to selected Im Live Members.

Selected Im Live Members as well as visitors from external sites will be visiting your Video Chat room when you are in Free Live Video Chat mode.This is your chance to use your exposure to grab this traffic and convert these curious visitors into paying regulars!!Providing that the guest had his last free chat with you and then purchases credit within 24 hours you will get this fantastic 100% commission on EVERY credit he then spends in your chatroom.It has never been done before so make sure you keep it in mind while teasing and seducing your Guests for huge earning potential When you activate the Free Live Video Chat mode, you continue to be displayed on the regular Im Live Host list in your category, meaning you can still conduct paid Video Chat sessions and free text chats.


Use this limited time to make an indelible impression, and convert them into new paying clients.

Get a whopping 100% lifetime commission simply by hosting in Free Live Chat and converting Free Guests into Paying Members.


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