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Here’s the problem: Today, most of us play games, but not all of us play the best games on the best consoles that best match our interests.

We get comfy with the latest free thing and make do. There are four mobile gaming options available, all exceptional. The Play Station Vita is the least commercially successful option available in the portable gaming market.

Left in sleep mode, the system holds a charge for days.

Video games are welcome at the table of popular art, alongside movies, music, and television.

Home consoles get a lot of attention, but portable gaming has done the heavy lifting when it comes to expanding the reach and acceptance of the medium.

The road to ubiquity began with the peculiar rise of the Game Boy.

An outdated piece of hardware upon its release in 1989, Nintendo would nonetheless sell over 115 million Game Boys and Game Boy Colors.

(If you’re deep into the gaming hobby, the hardware is the portable equivalent of Sega’s doomed Dreamcast, a console that drew the road map for today’s online-friendly gaming systems.) To be clear, the best Play Station Vita is not the new Play Station Vita, aka the Vita Slim, a plastic oddity that I’ll get to shortly.

Nintendo advertised the portable as a hobby device not just for the kids, but for the family. Since the late 2000s, smartphones have spread across the world at a rate that flounders Nintendo’s hardware.Millions of people who never owned a home or mobile game console now do, and the thousands of good, bad, and somewhere in between smartphone games have become a preferred distraction for grown-ups passing a long commute or a quick smoke break.


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