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I first met her at last year's Grape, here, and inspired by her style and personality, asked her to be part of the "1 shirt, 13 women" project, here.Since she got constantly asked where does she have her hats from, at that point she was already talking about one day having her own line of hats.Prvé kúsky zatiaľ môžete vidieť na FB stránke značky By Sju. Tieto fotky sú z Pohody, a klobúk na nich je jednoduchý čierny model z kolekcie (a aha ju, moja obľúbená džínsová vesta...



So this is how you turn your style and love for hats into your own brand :-) A very fresh and young one right now, but with big hopes.

The beautiful and smart Sju has had a long time love affair with hats, obviously.


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