Local dating action


The consumer watchdog has launched national action against romance and dating scams in a bid to protect the thousands of Australians affected each year.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)'s Scam Disruption Project will notify potential victims by analysing international transaction data to detect patterns consistent with fraudulent activity.


"So we run a range of filters over it and those names that are left, where we are concerned they are being scammed, we're getting in contact with these people to say 'we think you could be scammed, these are some of the stories scammers tell'."So if they are being scammed hopefully they will realise this and stop sending their funds."The ACCC says it is working with state and federal counterparts on the project through the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce.He explained to me little problems he was having, issues with work almost like I am, I don't want to say his therapist, but to say the least, yes.The ACCC will initially send 400 letters per fortnight to consumers to warn them they may be the target of a relationship scammer.In June, the watchdog's Targeting Scams Report found Australians lost million to dating and romance scams last year.


"In addition, we will be working with intermediaries who are sending money overseas."We have contacted the banks about what more they can do to stop this money being sent offshore."We'll also be talking to the various money remittance services that we know scammers use to send money overseas, such as Western Union."The latest information about scams and tips for consumers can be found at "One guy every time we went out to dinner he gave me 0 and all we did was literally talk.



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    It seems to me that a taunt is persuading someone to lose their cool while Intimidate is persuading someone you are very scary. Look at pg 73 in SW: EX about tests of will outside of combat.

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