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Hover above the thumbnails to see each person’s name, and click through to read or watch our past stories about them.

We’re grateful that our subjects allowed us into their lives, to varying degrees.

And we’re also grateful to everyone who has lent their talents to The Local over these two and a half years.

Below are the names of those people, along with links to their writing and photography.

The Local’s robust archives will remain right here at – because we know how important preservation is to East Villagers. A while back, The Local was featured on one of Jim Power’s iconic lampposts.

Now that the site is coming to a close, we thought we’d return the honor by featuring the Mosaic Man in some tile work of our own: a collage of just some of the people who make the East Village what it is, for better or worse (mostly for better, we’re happy to say).

Over the course of two a half years, the word “change” has come up in many of The Local’s 4,200-plus posts about the East Village. Bedford + Bowery will continue to cover breaking news, big issues, and cultural events in the East Village and Lower East Side while also exploring three kindred neighborhoods directly across the river: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick. As The Local publishes its final post today, please bookmark nymag.com/bedfordandbowery and follow @bedbow on Twitter.

Carter Journalism Institute will launch an exciting new site with New York magazine.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this collaborative experiment in community journalism as much as we have.

Tu * Angela Tu * Angelo Fabara * Anjali Mullany * Anna Andrianova * Anna Louie Sussman * Anna Sanders * Anna Silman * Annie Cofone * Annie Fairman * Annie Rose Ramos * Anthony Pappalardo * Bayla Gottesman * Beth Stebner * Bhuma Shrivastava * Bill Di Paola * Bill Millard * Blair Hickman * Bob Rosenthal * Bob Simmons * Brendan Bernhard * Brian Berkovitz * Brian Rose * Britton Baine * Brooke Kroeger * C. Reynolds * Charlie Frick * Chaz Kangas * Chelsea Stark * Chelsia Rose Marcius * Chris O.

Cook * Chris Palmer * Christine Jenkins * Christopher Gellert * Christopher Matthews * Claire Glass * Claire Ward * Clarissa Wei * Clark Carr * Claudia Dreifus * Clint Mc Mahon * Clint Rainey * Coca Crystal * Colin Jones * Colin Moynihan * Connie Szeto * Crystal Bell * Damon Beres * Dan Glass * Dan Kedmey * Dan Nguyen * Dan Rattiner * Dana Sherne * Dana Varinksy * Danny Gold * Darla Murray * David Amram * David Holmes * David Mulkins * David Schmidlapp * David Sierra * Dawn Lim * Dayna Clark * Devyn Rafols-Nunez * Din Clarke * Dominique Zonyee Scott * Dyan Neary * Ed Sanders * Edna Ishayik * Elisa Lagos * Elizabeth Hewitt * Elizabeth Vulaj * Ella Zhang * Ellen Moynihan * Emily Armstrong * Emily Canal * Emily Pitter * Emmanuel Touhey * Eric Gabriel * Erica Lee * Erica Martin * Erin Lebar * Evan Bleier * Fatima Malik * Francisco Valera * Frank Mastropolo * Gabbi Lewin * Gabriella Bass * Gianluca Randazzo * Gina Herold * Gita Reddy * Gloria Chung * Godlis * Grace Maalouf * Greg Howard * Guney Cuceloglu * Hadas Goshen * Hannah Rubenstein * Hannah Thonet * Harvey Wiesnenberg * Heather Dubin * Heather Holland * Helen Zhang * Heyang Zhang * Ian Duncan * Ido Nissani * Inae Oh * Iryna Neskoromna * Isabel Gottlieb * Ishmael Reed * Jacob Berenson * Jacob Sugarman * James C. * James Matthews * James Traub * Jamie Larson * Jamie Newman * Jane Bernstein * Jared Malsin * Jasmine Brown * Jason Katzman * jdx * Jenn Pelly * Jennifer Puleio * Jesse Fish * Jessica Bell * Jessica Lee * Jessica Mc Hugh * Jessica Pilot * Jim Kiernan * Joann Jovinelly * Joann Pan * Joanna Marshall * Joe Kane * Joe Pan * Joe Puglisi * Joel Zimmer * Johannes Neukamm * John Galayda * John Jonas Gruen * John Spingola * John Wilcock * Johnny Pérez * Jonathan Krohn * Joseph Bensimon * Joseph Neighbor * Josh Ozersky * Joshua Davis * Joshua D.

Fischer * Kandy Wong * Karin Badt * Karina Kirnos * Karl Baker * Kate Mc Gee Reyes * Katherine Diaz * Kathryn Doyle * Kathryn Kattalia * Katie Olson * Katie Wang * Kavitha Surana * Kelly Ernst * Kelly Knaub * Kelsey Kudak * Kenan Christiansen * Kenneth Lim * Kevin Farley * Khristopher J.

Contributors to The Local Abe Peck * Adam Lehrer * Adrian Fussell * Al Kavadlo * Alan Abramson * Alex Gross * Alexa Mae Asperin * Alexa Tsoulis-Reay * Alexandra Di Palma * Alexandra Reali * Alexis Lamster * Allegra Kogan * Allison Hertzberg * Amalie R.Rothschild * Amanda Plasencia * Amanda Schupak * Amanda Van Allen * Amir Shoucri * Ana Maria Benedetti * Andre Tartar * Andrea Huspeni * Andrew Berman * Andy Newman * Angela Cravens * Angela L. Glenn * Carly Okyle * Carol Vinzant * Carolyn Stanley * Carolyn Sun * Cary Abrams * Cassia M.



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