Lonely wife in norway dating

Some social services workers in Norway claim isolation is very hard on many Thai women in Norway, particularly those chosen by men living in rural areas where eligible Norwegian women are scarce at the best of times, and it is difficult for foreigners to be accepted into isolated rural communities.

Language difficulties are also common, although Norwegian is now a language often encountered in Thailand.

In recent years Thai brides have become the most popular with Norwegian men.

But now a Norwegian TV programme is in vanguard of backlash against the trend claiming that a Thai bride in Norway has only three years to be a successful wife, or she can be divorced and deported to Thailand.

However there is a growing number of Norwegian men opting to live in Thailand either for retirement, for regular long term holidays or even establishing businesses in Thailand.

In fact, it is not only Thai brides, who admittedly are the Number 1 choice for Norwegian men, but also Russian women who come second, and Philippine women who are third.

There are various reasons for Norwegians choosing foreign wives, and they do not always lie easy with the local population in general.


Some has even suggested that Norwegian women do not always regard a Norwegian man as being the best catch as a husband and prefer Swedish men, and also those from the UK and Denmark.

In response, it is claimed Norwegian men are looking to those countries most popular for foreign brides, Thailand, Russia and the Philippines, locating and marrying them, and then bringing them back as brides to Norway.



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