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'' Creating a relationship.'' I said. '' I think it's wonderful.'' she replied, '' She looks up to you, she won't admit that, but she does.

A more loving relationship between the pair of you would be nice.'' I wondered if she knew about the recent sexual behaviours between me and Bobbie, and for a moment I found myself feeling the same feelings I had when we on the sofa together watching that movie.

She kissed me on the chest and looked up into my eyes, '' If you're father moved out I'd dress like this permanently.'' I kissed her lightly on the head and couldn't hold back my smile at that thought, '' That would be heaven.'' '' So what's going on with you and Bobbie at the moment?

It seems to be the closest you two have ever been.'' she asked.

We led next to one another for what seemed like hours, wrapped in each others arms enjoying our taboo.'' I can't think about that right now,'' I said almost shaking my head, '' I just found out that Faye's parents are drugging and sexually abusing her.'' I said. I planted it at Faye's, and-'' ''-I bet you did.'' she said cutting me off.Mom's head adjusted, '' Faye across the street? I mean Dave has always been a little pervy, but Pamela? '' I had a suspicion.'' I told her, '' I saw something through my telescope one night and needed to know more.It was a fair question, I was a little surprised that she had noticed in fairness.

'' Well, we're..'' I tried to sum it up, but struggled.

'' she asked, '' Yeah,'' I answered. So I planted the camera and earlier on tonight my suspicion was confirmed.'' '' So what're you going to do?


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