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Now at the crossroads: will he trek into the unknown to save that girl or be devoured by the beasts that lurk within the darkness? Our loveable heiress reacts to various fanfictions and the tropes within them. And while many things have happen between those times, the Vongola decided to be more involved in his life, such as arranging a marriage for him! With his body being returned to that of a six year old and a evil fur ball out of it's cage. Based off Emma Iveli's 'The Biju Biju Fruit'After battling with the forces of evil, Gohan has been forced to transfer to Mahora Academy. But a simple impulsive act results in him meeting someone who thrives in a darker world hidden beneath the surface. Rated M for Mature Themes, adult farce and tiny lemon bits. Watch as Uzumaki Naruto takes the world by storm as the New Demon King It's been 10 years since Tsuna's ever thought about his first love. In his fight with Madara, Naruto is transported to a new world were he meets these 'Celestial Spirits' and now finds that he is one... Naruto/Lucy (Ch 4 & 5 under going re-write)After messing up the summoning technique, Naruto ends up in the care of the Invincible Idiot. Lucy and Natsu has Daddy issues, Wendy and Gray had past issues, Erza and Levy has boy issues, Juvia and Jellal have felony issues, while Lisanna and Gajeel have issues accepting the obvious. Rated MIn an era of Pirates and the Ninja Core, 17 year old Naruto Uzumaki is the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tail Fox, who ate the Kyuubi-Kyuubi Fruit at 7, is out to gather a crew, help other people, fight Marines, search for the treasure of Gold Rogers': One Piece, and plans to become the first pirate captain to become the greatest Kage known. The wake of the attack on Negi's home village has had far reaching concequences that the Megalomesbrian Senate could never anticipate. Naruto is unloved by his parents' runs away from home and into the forest of Konoha. Telling them his story, they decided to take him with them on their travels. What if the Vongola wasn't the old, powerful, and influential Famiglia we all know it to be? Meanwhile, Tsukuyo finally accepts the truth behind the fact which she'd been denying to herself for the longest time. He was just a second too late..a second..his sensei paid the price for it. Watch as a stronger, smarter Luffy emerges to take the Grand Line by storm with the power of the King's Disposition. A black haired swordsman that hides a checkered past and fears underneath his black cloak. Naruto/HSDK crossover Minato knows that once he seals the Kyubi into his son, the villagers will undeniably condemn Naruto's fate. Possibly Luffy/Boa Trapped in a collapsing cave, Naruto and Gaara escape when they find a mysterious portal. Stranded there, the two Jinchuriki are forced to enroll at Yokai Academy. Might be OOC cause it takes place in a parallel world. However, it's a hollow victory when Falco and Octavia then inform the X-Men, Joes, and Misfits of a rather unpleasant secret about the Keyblades that Pluto has been keeping from them... Chapter 19: Kabuki-chou is in chaos and yet everyone's faith in Gintoki remains unwavering. A certain blonde that isn't very good with staying within the rules, a wild card; the Joker. Will the Shinpaku Alliance make new allies, or will this new enemy crush them all? Get Backers- The 's' means that we are never alone.9. Whatever happens, he's an outsider looking in."Naruto Uzumaki", "son" of Minato and Kushina, "brother" of Kitana Uzumaki. With enough time anyone can call themselves a master of life, but no matter how much time goes by one cannot truly understand existence as a whole without first having experienced death. Now a part of a club that always gets into more than they bargained for, how will Naruto Namikaze handle life? upon his death again he returns to the world of the living. Most of the country is ruined after too many Ordinary High School Student Embarks into Adventurous Journey incidents. Naruto Uzumaki, one of the greatest heroes of Konoha, but somehow he disappeared and now finds himself in the DC Universe with no memory of how he got there. How will he find enough time for both studying and practicing for one of the biggest mountain biking events in the world? He has no recloation of his past, and in his journey to find it, he is assisted by a unexpected feline foe of a certain Caped Crusader. Kokoa wasn't the only new member to the Newspaper club, a blond freshman with whiskers on his cheeks joined as well. Well, it seems all those explosive and violent happenings going on all over Area Elev- sorry, Japan have finally taken their toll. Written close to the of both manga keeping character personalities. To free their captain's from his guilt, they must first understand the depths of his pain and loss.

It's Negi Springfield's 18th Birthday, and after his big party, everyone... How will he survive all these misadventures before him? First in a hopeful series of 'different devil fruit Luffy' stories. Honestly, Shirou was beginning to think that he should be used to this; being unwittingly selected to take part in brutal tournament that he had no idea existed until he found himself in the middle of it. Yokai Academy is somehow being attacked by hollows and Ichigo and friends are asked to help as the mystery is looked into. Once he is there, Gohan finds out that he is not a student but rather an assistant teacher to one Negi Springfield. Gohanxharem Following the defeat of Ragnarok, several new fighters arrive in the city. He's lived all of his life in countries worlds apart from Japan, so what will happen when he goes back to try out for Tokyo University? "AU Naruto is fourteen, homeless and starving on the streets of Gotham. Current characters are: Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, Dick, Selina, Harvey Dent, and the Joker. Lots of things are about to change as Naruto joins Fairytail. Battles will be fought, Emotions will be tried, and Ideals will be contested! That is the reality the Strawhats face as they go into their captain's memories to save their precious crewmate.


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