Lovestruck dating

Also I just lost money because of their stupid policy. As I quote from their website "We need to make money somehow, you know."Very disappointing! I read the site review before joining but currently regretted having to pay for a site that nobody communicates. need to be careful love struck auto renewal ,if you don't send the notification to them ,without the approval they will go ahead to charge you ,for my case ,they charge me 148 sgd ,in the end only return 90 sgd ,and they say that this is your fault ,because we never send email to tell them don't renewal ,by right if any renewal they should send email to notify us ,but they want money so they won't ,just very bad ,even after auto renew my account also not active,until after i complain they refund 90 sgd , I made a mistake with this website I think, because I didn't realise at the time that it is mostly London people on here. I couldn't read messages for the first few days and the site continues to crash.

My membership ended in August and I had logged in back then just to make sure that they will not take money from my account. I have had very little interest which is disappointing but I guess that is due to me livingquite a way from London. Originally wanted to sign up for three day tube trial as advertised on the london tube but the option was not available. Lovestruck offers a first rate personalised customer service that is just an email away, backed up by a fast response team.

I have used a couple of other sites in the past and ended up meeting a lot of strange people.

I have been on about 5 dates since joining up and whilst I haven't found the one as yet, at least the men who have showed up were similar to their profiles!

Please make your self a favor and do not subscribe. I have paid for a three month membership which was at a promotional rate.



There must be sites out there that are better suited to my local area and I would not recommend Lovestruck to anybody I know at this time.

I have cancelled the auto renew and wish that I had saved the money in the first place. Having joined up just after Christmas I have to say I am pleased with the service so far.


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