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I would have thought such questions only mystify an 8-year-old or a first-generation Kazakh immigrant.Now, if you want to experience the “politically challenged” firsthand, then you should do one thing: go on a date.It was a historic morning when the Poli Tech student organization wielded its cameras to capture the ignorance that infects Texas Tech’s hallowed grounds.Yes, I am referring to that one horrid viral You Tube video: “Texas Tech, Politically Challenged.”On that infamous day, many scholars pushed their mental faculties to the limit, answering questions like, “Who won the Civil War? ” Bewildered — like after a Davis Webb interception — something stirred inside of me when I saw my fellow Red Raiders incorrectly answer these questions.In my personal experience, I have tried to squint my eyes and see past Lubbock’s plague of ignorance.However, now it is time I share my testimony from the dating scene.However, as the video exemplifies, this oblivious mindset is a problem with both genders.As a dashing bachelor who is active in Lubbock’s dating scene, I have taken many young lassies out for an exciting night in our humdrum town.


As I would gaze into her eyes — jotting notes with my mental pen and clipboard — I’d become confused and disappointed.Confused because often across from me was a girl with an incredibly intellectually demanding major like physics or chemistry.Let me just start by saying the biggest problem facing today’s Red Raiders is naivety.As a male, my following examples will only contain females because I do not take men on dates.

These evenings went something like this: First, as we strolled down Broadway, I would often find myself embracing the opportunity to delve into the depths of my date’s mind.As I’d take an inventory of her knowledge, a whirlwind of black emotion would arise within me.


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