Ludington michigan dating sites

I just don't understand what is wrong with people here......... I lived in Macomb county, near "lake" St Clair - (which is really a 10 foot deep bathtub) that they haul out stupid giant yachts onto thinking they are special the two days a year their fat behinds get out of the bowling alley or sports bar because the weather is almost bearable.

Don't even get me started on the "beach: - which is covered in goose sh#!

My family and I moved to Michigan almost 3 years ago from Florida only b/c my husband couldn't find a job at that time and yes, there was a job in his specialty in Ann Arbor.

We moved to the Canton/Ypsi area and we have been miserable since the day we moved here and want so badly to move back down south. We are looking for others that may have moved from the south or others that don't agree with the way people behave. Zero friends, except one or two black ladies from work (they blacks are hated, but the only nice people there) zero boyfriends, zero social life.

I traveled when I lived there, Went to see the Egyptian pyramids, and also went to Niagara falls, and a few other places since I was able to save money because just leaving the house is hell. " (uh, yeah, so does every other state....) They are the most rude, defensive, ignorant rotten people on the planet.

All i have seen are alot of mean, ill-hearted, unsociable, close-minded people who are very full of themselves and have no concept of what real life is really about. My husband loves his job for the 1st time in 20 years and we are struggling to decide which is more important, being happy at his job or having friends and a life with others. At least you have a husband to keep you sane, and count your blessings that you don't have to even consider trying to date. I am from Los Angeles, and lived in San Diego for many years.

Couldn't make a friend to save my life, because if you didn't grow up in their little incestuous town, and go to kinderarden together, and want to sit in the crappy local bar all day with a bunch of fat UGLY (THE ugliest men EVER) uneducated ignorant drunken morons - and bless them for their crappy company- (although they have NOTHING interesting to say except whine about gossipy drama because they all got knocked up and married at the age of 20 and cheat on each other and get drunk) they wont deal with you.You say "hi" to the person behind a counter at the convenience store - they act like you stole something.


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    Stevens Institute of Technology is located in Hoboken, N. Of the public colleges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, New Jersey has some of the highest-paid alumni: New Jersey Institute of Technology (,300), The College of New Jersey (,800), and Rutgers University (,800).

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    Is it okay for a muslim and a non-muslim to date in Dubai?

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    Over the last decade, there have been many reality programs on television that have come and gone.

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    When you build a macro, usually you do your best to make it as speedy as possible.

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    C." Navi Rawat starred in the indie drama "Ocean of Pearls," and most recently headlined Project Greenlight's horror film, "Feast," for producer Wes Craven.

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