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Any young people in Britain who don't already know that this series has an entirely new cast are either scarily highbrow or frighteningly isolated.

Oddly, though, this scorched-earth policy isn't quite the wild creative gamble it might appear to be.

A party in the woods took a dramatic turn, and though the episode focused on Effy, there were changes in store for almost all of them as a result of the events that took place!

If anything, it's a reminder that Skins isn't quite as fresh and unique as the hype around it claims.The logic behind the innovation, after all, is dictated by something rather mundane.Among its many innovations, Skins has established itself as the television programme that really knows how to exploit the internet.They may not actually exist, but that doesn't stop the characters in Skins from having their own blogs.

For all its weirdness, outrageousness and power to shock, Skins, like Grange Hill before it, is essentially a drama about school.

The school in question is a Bristol sixth-form college, Roundview, and students only stay at a sixth-form college for two years.


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